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THAT! 2022 Season

did you miss us?

It is great to be back! We missed you all in so many ways - especially being able to perform in front of our fans, and we know who you are because we see and hear you every time we're on the field, in the arena, or in the check out lane at the local (insert name of your local grocery store here).

In case you don't remember, our 2020 show was an adventure of epic proportions - we were literally preparing to Storm(ing) Area 51. We knew it was a daunting task, but by gum, we were ready to take on the challenge.

However, as we all know, that nasty varmint COVID stopped us in our tracks. While we were initially halted in our quest, we never stopped planning and plotting.

Well, it's 2022 and we're ready to resume our task.

You cannot miss our return to the SoundSport arena on Saturday, August 13, 2022 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

449 South Carolina Street
Hawthorne, Florida 32640

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(a subsidiary of the Chubb Corporation)

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