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friends, romans, countrymen...some sad news

Well, everyone, the day we hoped would never come, has. As of this day, March 9, 2023, your band of merry jokesters, pranksters, Mormon missionaries, English pigdogs, and the rest of THAT! are riding off into the sunset; we are officially closed for business.

From the beginning, we came together to play the game of SoundSport differently. We wanted everyone to be a part of the fun - regardless of ability or availability. We started this by creating our motto, our mantra, our nom de plume; Appear...Perform...Disappear! We vowed to take the concept of SoundSport to its intended place, where you didn't need to have money or a lot of free time in order to participate.

In our time, we served Three Squares and a Snack, encountered the Three Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf, staged a Tour d'America, and nearly stormed Aria (Area 51) all with the single focus of entertaining - the fans, and ourselves....not bad for a bunch of nitwits, halfwits, and dimwits.

Thanks for being a part of the adventure.

And with THAT!, Elvis has left the building.

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