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we spoke too soon...covid derails that!

This is the story we didn’t think we’d have to post. After all, THAT! didn’t stop putting together the ultimate plan for Storming Aria 51. We had members ready to charge forward and entertain the thousands of SoundSport fans awaiting our triumphant arrival in Indianapolis, the music prepared to serenade those eager to swoon over our stirring melodies, and the colors of orange and black were ready to adorn the streets of Indy.


Well, COVID had another plan and staged a sneak attack when we thought all was clear.


Friends, seriously, it is with a heavy heart that THAT! is forced to cancel our performances at the SoundSport Festival in Indianapolis. A sizable number of our brave members have fallen victim to COVID and are unable to perform. After careful thought and serious discussions, we determined that the circumstances simply would not allow for THAT! to participate.


It is truly unfortunate that we still have to worry about COVID. This drum corps season, too many groups had to postpone performances, go into the bubble protocols, and even take temporary breaks during tour. We now find ourselves dealing with it, as well, and at the worst possible time.


However, while we might have been temporarily stopped this time, we will nonetheless persevere in the long run…and you can guarantee THAT! will be back better than ever in 2023.


Regards from THAT!

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(explains a lot about our show)

(it's for a good us)

(come on - you know you want to).

(real, and imaginary)

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